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Multi apartment Farfisa Colour Profilo/Exhito

£523.30 (ex. VAT)

Manufacturer: Farfisa

Product Information

Farfisa's Profilo video entry system can service up to twenty apartments or offices with just six wires (4+1) to each internal monitor. It features a Colour video camera on the external door panel, with your chosen amount of call buttons, and black and white monitors with audio handsets on each internal unit.

Each Kit Includes - Single button panel with single apartment monitor.
(Selecting more ApatmentsOffices adds number of Monitors which includes adding a button to the external panel)

  • Video Door Station Colour
  • 1 x Colour Monitor and wall mounting bracket
  • Central Power Supply and Video Timer
  • Floor distributors

Product Options

Apartments/Offices - For each apartment, you will be supplied with an additional monitor/handset unit. There will be additional buttons installed on the external panel, one for each internal monitor (in some cases, this changes the dimensions of the panel; if space is an issue, please check with us first!) For example, a system with 10 apartments will include 10 monitor/handset units, and the door station will feature 10 buttons.

External Panel: Surface/Flush - This alters the appearance of the external door panel: flush is the standard option at no extra cost; the surface mounted option comes with a rain shelter as part of the surface unit.

Technical Specifications

Required Power Timed Power Supply
Technical data 1181E
Input voltage: 220-230Vac
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Power: 48VA
Switch-ON time: 100 sec.
Ringing frequency: 450Hz modulated
Housing: DIN 8 modules A
Weight: 0.95Kg.
Approved by: VDE according to the safety standard EN60065
Operating temperature: 0°÷40°C
Maximum permissible humidity: 90%RH

Entry Panel Camera
Technical data PL40PED, PL41PED, PL40PCED, PL41PCED, PL42PED, PL42PCED
Video power supply 18÷24VDC-0.3A 18÷24VDC-0.4A
Audio power supply 13VAC-0.07A 13VAC-0.07A
Video signal output balanced balanced
Video signal standard CCIR PAL
Minimum lighting 2 Lux 2.5 Lux
LED's 6 infrared 6 white
Sensor CCD 1/4" CCD 1/3"
Number of pixel 291,000 291,000
Lens 3.6mm 3.6mm
Focusing 0.1m ÷ ∞ 0.6m ÷ ∞
Horizontal/vertical sweep ±15° ±15°

Apartment Video Monitor
Technical data EX3160C
Power supply: 12 ÷ 15Vdc
Operating current: 0.4A
Video tube: EX3160 4" FLAT
Screen: EX3100C, EX3160C 4" LCD
Television standard: EX3160 CCIR-625 lines
Television standard: EX3100C, EX3160C PAL
Horizontal frequency 15625Hz
Vertical frequency 50Hz
Band width >5MHz
Video signal on 75W 0.8 ÷ 1.5Vpp
Starting up time 2 seconds
Operating temperature 0° ÷ +50°C
Maximum admissible humidity 90% RH

The system supplies 12vAC for a standard electric release (not supplied)  maglock options include a 12vDC power supply, resettable break glass unit and a standard plastic surface exit button, option for a Keypad (FC52PL) or a Proximity stand alone reader (FP52PL) with 10 proximity tags FP12/10, extra tags available see under Proximity access, Proximity Tags or Cards. For more information on the keypad or prox system they are listed in the relevant section.

PLEASE NOTE SOME PANELS CAN TAKE 10 TO 14DAYS FOR DELIVERY. for more information if needed contact our office by e-mail, fax or phone.

Important to read these notes before ordering:-

wiring diagram

Product Code: EX3161PLC