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TD4100MAS Farfisa Digital door station FN4000 system.

£298.00 (ex. VAT)

Manufacturer: Farfisa

Product Information

TD4100MAS Farfisa Digital door station with front plate and 14 keys (10 numeric and 4 keys function)in stainless steel. It is equipped with 16 characters on 2 lines display. It allows to call the users by dialling the corresponding number and electric lock release by entering the private code. The electronic index is also integrated. Scrolling functions allows to display the tenant names in alphabetical sequence and the call is activated by pressing the chime button. It contains up to 250 user names. In this way some module units and space as well are saved comparing to other similar modular compositions.To be composed and installed it uses Matrix Style door station elements. Replaces TD4100MA. 

Power Supply - 12Vdc
Dimension - 115 x 115

Product Code: TD4100MAS