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PRS210 Farfisa 15VA transformer

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Manufacturer: Farfisa

Product Information

PRS210 Farfisa 15VA transformer. It can be used every time the power on alternate current at low voltage is required. 5VA transformer. 127-230V. 13 Vac. VDE certification. 3 A modules in DIN bar,

Technical data
Mains voltage: 127V or 220-230VAC
Frequency: 50 ÷ 60 Hz
Power: 15VA
Output voltage: 13Vac ± 1
Maximum current - continuous use: 0.7A
Maximum current - intermittent use: 1A
Operating temperature: 0° ÷+40°C
Maximum admissible humidity: 90% RH 3 module A DIN housing
Fits on DIN bar or with 2 expansion plugs
Approved by: VDE (EN60065)
The power supplies are protected against overloads or short-circuiting by a sensor (Thermoprotector), to restore power, it is necessary to cut off the mains voltage for about one minute.
Reconnect power after having repaired the fault.
- The apparatus shall not be exposed to dripping or splashing.
- An all-pole mains switch, with a contact separation of at least 3mm in each pole, shall be incorporated in the electrical installation of the buildings.

POWER SUPPLY 127 or 230 Vac
COLOUR technical grey
MOUNTING ASSEMBLY on DIN bar or on the wall


Product Code: PRS210