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Multi apartment Colour Exhito Agora

£575.58 (ex. VAT)

Manufacturer: Farfisa

Product Information

Colour Video System, Echos Exhito, wiring 4cores+1 for each flat/buttons on external panel. Surface mount external Agora Colour door station with Exhito colour wall mounted internal monitor with handset. With power supplies and fixing brackets, reduced wire system.

Each Kit Includes - Single button panel with single apartment monitor.
(Selecting more ApatmentsOffices adds number of Monitors which includes adding a button to the external panel)

  • Video Door Station Colour
  • 1 x Colour Monitor and wall mounting bracket
  • Central Power Supply and Video Timer
  • Floor distributors


External Camera Unit
Technical data. AG40CED
Video power supply 18÷24VDC-0.21A
Audio power supply 13VAC-0,15A
Video signal output balanced
Video signal standard PAL
Minimum lighting 2.5 Lux
LED's 4 white
Sensor CCD 1/3"
Number of pixel 291,000
Lens 3.6mm
Focusing 0.6m ÷ ∞
Horizontal/vertical sweep ±10°

Internal Colour Monitor
Technical characteristics EX3160C
Power supply: 12 ÷ 15Vdc
Operating current: 0.4A
Video tube: EX3160 4" FLAT
Screen: EX3100C, EX3160C 4" LCD
Television standard: EX3160 CCIR-625 lines
Television standard: EX3100C, EX3160C PAL
Horizontal frequency 15625Hz
Vertical frequency 50Hz
Band width >5MHz
Video signal on 75W 0.8 ÷ 1.5Vpp
Starting up time 2 seconds
Operating temperature 0° ÷ +50°C
Maximum admissible humidity 90% RH

Timed Power Supply
Technical characteristics. 1181E
Mains voltage: 127/220-230VAC
Power: 60VA
Operating temperature: 0° ÷ +40°C
Maximum humidity allowed: 90% RH
DIN 8 modules A housing
Approved by: VDE (EN60065)

Important safety instructions
Installation shall be carried out from SKILLED PERSONS in accordance with all the applicable installation rules.

 wiring diagram

Product Code: EX3161AGC