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FT11D Farfisa Intercom-telephone interface, needs a standard telephone line.

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Manufacturer: Farfisa

Product Information

FT11D Farfisa Intercom-telephone interface that allows a normal telephone to be connected to the telephone trunk line and the home intercom system. Any programming is required and the telephone communication is direct. Intercom communication can take place after that an external call has been received or by pressing the R key of Flash twice. Operation: during conversation a background sound signal indicates the arrival of an intercom or telephone call to the user. The telephone conversation under way can be put in hold, with background music, in order to answer the intercom call. The intercom interface has a terminal board with the same numbering as a Farfisa intercom and can form part of a normal 4+1 intercom or traditional video intercom system.

Note : This is not a GSM unit and needs a standard telephone line.

Technical data
Power supply 127/230VAC
Maximum power consumption 7W
Flashing time (button "R") 80 ÷ 330msec
Ringing Voltage 48VAC - 15mA
Operating temperature 0° ÷ +40°C
Maximum humidity 85% RH
Housing DIN 8 modules A

Note The model is not provided with fuses, but it is protected against overloading or short-circuiting by temperature sensors (thermoprotector).
In order to reset them, it is necessary to cut off the mains voltage for about one minute. Reconnect power after correcting the fault.

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Product Code: FT11D