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2273 Farfisa Digital exchanger for Duo systems

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Manufacturer: Farfisa

Product Information

2230 Farfisa Duo exchanger , used for DUO System when the installation includes one or  more main common door stations and several risers with or without secondary door stations. The device is basically a relay used to switch a common line (LP) over two switched lines (L1 normally closed and L2 normally open). Switching between common line LP and exchanged lines L1 and L2 depends on the need to connect the users connected to line L1 or line L2 to the common line. To carry out this operation, the exchanger must be programmed to define which users or external door stations are connected to the Lines in the installation.

Technical features

Power supply 13Vac/dc ± 1
Absorption 0.1 A
Operating temperature 0° ÷ +50°C
Maximum humidity acceptable 90% RH
Power supply input LP/LP
Main common line L1/L1
Normally closed switched line L2/L2
Normally open switched line GC
See technical manual in DUE 13 Manual fo full instruction

Product Code: 2273