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This is the technical site for AV Access Control Ltd, the UK home of Farfisa Intercoms. If you are looking for the on-line store click the link. Online Store

Founded in 1995 at AV Access Control Ltd, we pride ourselves in importing and supplying top-quality Farfisa door entry and access control products. We also provide full email/telephone technical support for all products we supply.

Farfisa, our main supplier, have been trading since 1967 and thus have a wide array of Audio Kits, Video Kits, and Security access systems that is compatible with most systems as well as backwards compatible with old systems requiring an overhaul.

On our website you will find both a full technical support area which will lead you to wiring diagrams of any and all of our products, and a sales area where you can purchase Audio Kits, Video Kits, Magnetic locking devices, Keypads, Proximity Access Control, Exit buttons, Break glass units, Battery backup power supplies. etc.

If you cannot find a product on this website you are looking for or you are having difficulty with a purchase, please do not hesitate in phoning us on 01420 471400 or e-mail us at sales@farfisasecurity.co.uk


For technical support or downloads go to our technical link, we have information on changing codes on all Farfisa keypads, information on adding or deleting proximity tags and cards from the Farfisa and Dortag proximity systems, wiring diagrams plus much more. If you need to get information regarding wiring for your existing system, email us tech@farfisasecurity.co.uk and we will send you the information you are looking for. Or phone us on 01420 471 400 or Fax 01420 487 691.

Information on upgrading parts that are no longer in production, Farfisa have a good track record for making backward compatible parts for Audio Kits and Video Kits which will allow you to extend the life of your current intercom and security systems, avoiding the cost, system downtime, and in some cases a complete re-wiring of the building you'd otherwise face.

If you can't identify you're existing system then e-mail our technical department on tech@farfisasecurity.co.uk and send some images of the external panel, the handset or monitor, if you can find any of the control equipment i.e. power supplies or timers and we will try to tell you what they are and if the parts are still available, if they are not we will also advise you about current products that will work on your system.





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