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KM8100W Farfisa Conversion Kit

£199.00 (ex. VAT)

Manufacturer: Farfisa

Product Information

KM8100W Farfisa Conversion kit for the KM8100W and KM8100CW which are no longer available. The EX3100C is a direct replacement for the KM8100W and the KM8100CW  the rest of the system will be unafected as the new EX3100C with the wall bracket WB3160 are 100% compatable withg all the equipment on the system. 

Note : if you order this product you will get the new EX3100C Colour Monitor, WB3160 Wall Bracket.

This is just for your information :
Colour flat monitor surface mounting, white colour. For coaxial systems with electronic call, it is equipped with 3 push buttons for electric lock release, auto switching and supplementary service. Replaces KM8800CW and KM8660CW, needs wall bracket WB8600.

Product Code: EX3100CWB3160