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FC42 Farfisa Stainless Steel Keypad 12 Codes

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Manufacturer: Farfisa

Product Information

FC42 Farfisa Keypad Antivandal surface mounted for access control with buttons and front plate in stainless steel. Two relays for lock opening, access control or other functions. Programming and code composition is made through the front plate. Keypad deactivation with increasing time intervals (max 25 secs) in case of wrong combination. The 12 programmable codes are composed from 1 to 8 digits for each relay. Bistable or monostable operation of relay. Relays can be activated by pressing an additional Exit button. Programmable from 1 to 99 secs. in monostable working, or bistable operation of relay 1. For outdoor use.

Technical data
Power supply 12Vac/dc ±10%
Stand-by current 0.02A
Maximum current consumption 0.1A
Contact ratings 12Vac - 2A
Number of codes for relay 1 12 (+ direct activation)
Number of codes for relay 2 12 (+ direct activation)
Activation time for each relay from 1 to 99 sec. (or bistable)
Operating temperature 0° ÷ +40°C
Maximum allowable humidity 85% RH
Degree of protection IP 45
Size 80 x 125 x 33

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Product Code: FC42